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19.Jun. 2014

Die RitzBBall Internet Seite ist umgezogen....

Website has been updated and moved ...... Please click here......

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Hallo an alle...

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Werde ein Roadrunner.

RitzBBall ... What does it mean....... ? Was ist eigentlich RitzBBall .......?  


 I sometimes ask myself "Why do I do what I do?" .. "Is there more to this than people think?" .. "Where did RitzBBall come from?"

It seems that every year when Camp Time rolls around, I get philosophical. Maybe it's because young players (young men and women)

and their parents are paying to hear what I have to say…so I guess deep down inside, I am really hoping that they are getting something for their money.

"RitzBBall" goes beyond just Basketball… It's about more than just sports or winning games.

As one T-Shirt for the Ritz Ingram Basketball Academy (RIBA) says… It's about Building Players…. Both on and off the court.

There is a great TV Commercial that the NCAA put out… It shows college players (most of the on scholarship) playing or practicing …

At the end one of them says "There are thousands NCAA Players… and most of them will go Pro … in Something….

I think for years that is what RtzBBall has been about… The pictures tell a story (and far better than I can in words…)

I think I can feel good about the number of players, many of whom started playing basketball for me or who went through my system at a very early age …

Many of them have gone on to play at very high levels …but just as important …

almost all of them have gone on and become more than "just" basketball players …Frankly …

I feel good about what I have done… but it's not really about me …

It's all about the Game. Coaches can only have success when players "allow themselves to be coached"  …

I am thankful that some have trusted me and allowed me to coach them …

and I hope I  find a few more along the way because I am not finished yet…. Coach Ingram 



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The Youngest Generation of Roadrunners.... 03.Januar.2011... Tendenz steigend....! 
It's all about the Game.....

Sind Sie auch fasziniert vom schnellsten Ballspiel der Welt? Herzlich Willkommen auf unseren Seiten rund um das Basketballspiel!
Basketball fordert den gesamten Körper - wer Basketball spielt, verbessert seine Schnelligkeit und Beweglichkeit genauso wie seine Kraft und Ausdauer. Aufgrund seiner spezifischen Anforderungen an die Psyche steigert Basketball die Konzentrationsfähigkeit, die Anstrengungsbereitschaft. Dieser Sport verfeinert das Gruppenverhalten und lehrt nicht zuletzt das Verarbeiten von Erfolgs- genauso wie von Misserfolgserlebnissen.

Roadrunners Basketball Academy... "Damals" ... An diese Zeiten und Erlebnisse wollen wir erinnern und anknüpfen und wieder dahin arbeiten...

Wondering what is being explained here? ....Was wird hier erzaehlt? .... It is not just about Offense and Defense!
Phil Jackson once said... There is more to Life than Basketball......; Ray Ingram added ...... and there is alot more to Basketball than just Basketball...


"Coaches can coach as much as they want, but players still have to make plays...!" Mit anderen Worten... Letzt endlich wird das Spiel am Feld entschieden und nicht im "Coaching Box"... We might say it... but you have to do it! And if you do it like we say it ... "usually" ...good things happen!


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